Trading with cryptocurrencies is potentially very profitable, but also a very risky activity. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to predict when it’s the best time to invest and withdraw money. There are apps being developed, whose purpose is to automatize the process and help you get the most out of the crypto trade with minimum effort.

Unfortunately, there have been reports of scams in this regard. Therefore, it is best to check crypto trading bots before investing with them. Here, we are going to examine the BitQS app and see if it makes a good partner for your crypto trade endeavours.

BitQS is an app whose purpose is to automate the trading of crypto. Its algorithm acts as an intermediary between the users and the crypto market.

According to its official website, it requires a minimum deposit of $250 and promises 90% prediction accuracy and up to $1100 gains for that amount. It is available in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.

We would rate its features as follows:

We would rate its features as follows:

● Security – 60

● Ease of use – 100

● UI/UX – 100

● Minimum deposit and payment options – 70

● Demo account – 100

● Support and tutorials – 100

● Profit (according to User reviews) – 70

● Overall rating – 80

Pros and Cons chart of BitQS

Pros & Cons

  • · User-friendly interface
  • · Fast withdrawals
  • · Simple registration
  • · Responsive customer support
  • · High average return on investment rate
  • · There is no app for a mobile phone
  • · Not many coins are supported

What is BitQS trading bot?

BitQS is powered by AI technology and has a very fast algorithm, capable to deal with the volatile market. It carries out tasks 0.1 seconds faster than the market.

How to register on BitQS?


Step 1 – Create an account. To do that, the user needs to provide your name, surname, email address and your phone number. Once the password is set and the registration confirmed, the profile is created and it is possible to use the app.

Step 2 – Deposit. The app itself is free to use, and the minimum amount or higher can be deposited via credit cards, crypto wallets, wire transfers, Neteller, and Skrill.

Step 3 – Demo trading. This step is optional but highly recommended, especially for beginners. The demo trading feature simulates real trading and enables the user to learn the process of trading while avoiding major mistakes and losses. Since it doesn’t involve real money, any “gains” achieved through demo trading aren’t real either.

Step 4 – Live trading. The option that allows the user to start investing in crypto. It doesn’t require any involvement from the user, as trades are automatic and any earnings are automatically transferred to the crypto wallet.

BitQS Application / Web platform review

One of the major downsides of BitQS is that it isn’t available for mobile phones.

Security, licensing and payments of BitQS

The app claims to be safe for several reasons. First, its brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (although, trading with BitQS isn’t regulated in the US).

Secondly, the app is rated with 4.5 stars by customers on Trustpilot. Although, there are only 32 reviews in total.

Pro tips for investing with BitQS

The app offers the demo trading option, and users are encouraged to use it for at least an hour, in order to get used to the interface and ensure seamless trading in the future.

Traders’ feedback on using BitQS

People seem to be quite satisfied with BitQS, in terms of both trading efficiency, but also customer support, and user experience.

Is BitQS legit or a scam? – Our verdict

Although promises made by BitQS are somewhat too optimistic (90% prediction accuracy is almost impossible to achieve with the current crypto market), it seems like a legit app. Especially so because there are many users that are happy with the app, and there are currently no reported major issues with the gains withdrawals.

FAQ on checking is trading bot scam

Does BitQS Work?

Yes, it does. There haven’t been any reports of BitQS bugs or major crashes.

Is BitQS Good?

According to customer reviews, the app has a high rating and it seems like a reliable crypto trading bot.

Is BitQS Real?

Definitely, as the number of BitQS users keeps growing every day.

Is BitQS Safe?

Yes, but it should be used carefully in any case, like every other crypto trading bot.